Trent’s videos

At times I have tried my hand at producing and editing video. Most of these videos were created to supplement my Deseret News articles while others were just for fun. You can also find these videos on my YouTube Channel.

In this video, I capture my daughter directing the “fork-estra” with grandma at a restaurant.

On Nov. 15, 2014, my friend Derek Jensen was honored by Utah State with a game ball. Derek died in a tragic accident in June 2012. His family was down on the field to receive the game ball on Derek’s behalf. This video was a great way to remember that moment.

BYU professor Robert Freeman talks about a new exhibit at BYU dedicated to World War I in this video.

This video earned me an SPJ award as a multi-media journalist. Through a series of fortunate events, LDS Church historian Brittany Chapman found a recording of her great-great grandmother’s voice. It’s a pretty cool story.

John Hilton III and Brad Wilcox, both authors, speakers and professors at BYU, talk about their book, “52 Life-Changing Questions From The Book of Mormon,” in an interview with the Deseret News.

Four FamilySearch Libraries have recently added “Oral History Rooms” to their facilities. Each room is designed with state-of-the-art audio and video technology. These rooms are sound proof and provide a quiet secluded area ideal for recording personal histories, as Pearl Labrum and her granddaughter demonstrate in this video. For more information on the oral history rooms, visit

Paul Cardall, pianist, recording artist and author, composed and produced the soundtrack for T.C. Christensen’s film, “Ephraim’s Rescue.” In this video, Paul talks about the process he went through in producing the soundtrack and what it meant to him to be involved with the project.

Speaker and author Brad Wilcox talks about his new book, “The Continuous Conversion,” and the “captive audience” that helped him with the manuscript.

In 2013, filmmaker T.C. Christensen took a break from preparing his movie, “Ephraim’s Rescue,” to answer a few questions about his career, his all-time favorite movies and his new film.

LDS actor-musician-comedian Kirby Heyborne sat down with me in 2012 to talk about his upbringing, his career, his faith and his family. The interview took place in his hotel room. After the interview was over, Kirby played a few songs on his guitar while a photographer snapped photos.

Idaho mother Melanie Flake has run one marathon for each of her seven children. She inspired her husband Joel to lose 85 pounds. In this video interview, she and her husband talk about their motives and efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.

Despite the pain of losing his wife to cancer, the experience taught S. Michael Wilcox valuable lessons and led to him to write a book titled, “Sunset: On the Passing of Those We Love.” In the book, Wilcox shares sensitive insights for cherishing loved ones, treasuring mortality and how to turn to the Lord in times of painful adversity. He also shares some of those insights in this April 2012 interview.

This is an interview with former 1984 Olympic gold medalist Peter Vidmar. In this 9-minute 2102 video, Vidmar talks about lessons he learned from his father, his coach, what his medals mean to him now, his greatest accomplishment and how he developed his faith in the LDS Church.

On Aug. 8, 1938, President J. Reuben Clark of the LDS Church’s First Presidency presented, “The Charted Course of the Church in Education,” to a gathering of seminary and institute teachers. The address became the standard of church education and is still quoted often by members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Author and speaker S. Michael Wilcox is not a general authority, but he taught in the Church Educational System for 38 years and has reviewed the address numerous times. His thoughts and insights reflect those of many instructors in the LDS Church.

Sporting a sweater and scarf, the 20-year-old David Archuleta was in Salt Lake City, Utah, in late November 2011 to promote his Christmas concert CD and DVD, sign autographs, sit for some media interviews and enjoy Thanksgiving with his family before embarking on a Christmas tour. It was a memorable interview.

In August 2011, I wrote about the story of Guillermo Gonzalez, a convert and leader of the LDS Church in Northern Mexico. As a follow up to that story, this video interview supplemented an article on the sister missionaries who taught Guillermo and Gudelia Gonzalez.

My first video interview featured LaDene Jeppesen. In 2011, she was an 86-year-old Mormon woman with 8 children, 40 grandchildren and 46 great-grandchildren. At that point in her life, LaDene was called to be in the young women’s presidency of her northern Utah LDS ward. She was an inspiration to many. “You are never too old to be called to work with the youth,” she said.